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APi 4-channel mic preamp…

Our APi3124 tracks and gives a punchy and clear tone in almost any tracking job that we do. The API 3124+ is a high quality, compact, 4-channel mic preamp. the Hi-Z front panel inputs feed directly to the op amps, which allow a low level input such as a guitar or bass to be amplified without a matching transformer or direct box. These Hi-Z inputs can take input levels as high as +20dBu, making them perfect for keyboards and other high level devices.

APi3124 Pre amp

APi3124 Pre amp

A very important part of the signal chain that is overlooked or just unaffordable in a home setup. This along with our Live Rooms and High end cabling and mic’s ensure a level of tone and clarity heard in all our recordings since 2009.

New Laney GH50L Guitar Head & Cab


Try any guitar through this amp and for once it’s impossible to get a poor sound – Laney have found the magic formula to produce that great sound canvas mentioned earlier – plug in, tweak the controls – and it simply sounds great. Wind the volume up and things become tonally very rich, lots of usable hi’s and lo’s and when you kick in the overdrive facility you immediately understand the magic in this range of heads – blistering high gain with tone to spare.

Finished in Laney’s now famous livery and ergonomic side grab handles the GH50L looks every inch the tone monster it is.